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Kessler Elected Chair of HASP

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Kessler Elected Chair of HASP

Headshot of Drew Kessler
The Headwaters Agriculture Sustainability Partnership (HASP) was formed in 2018 as a way to incubate and implement farmer-led conservation projects. HASP is administered by Environmental Initiative and led through a Chair and Vice-Chair model. The group recently appointed Drew Kessler, Project Manager and Principal at HEI, as the new Chair and Cassie Monger, Dairy Lending Specialist at Compeer Financial, as Vice Chair. 

"I am excited to see how our partnership continues to grow and contribute to sustainability efforts in the headwaters region during 2022. Between existing and new members that have joined our collaboration, we are poised to support farmers in finding win-win opportunities for their operations and improved sustainability outcomes," states Drew. 

Learn more about the HASP leadership on Environmental Initiative's website. 

Drew is also thrilled to share that Environmental Initiative, HASP, and The Nature Conservancy are hosting an interactive, daylong session on February 24 to explore market-based solutions to incentivize on-farm conservation. More details to come.