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Kessler Earns PhD

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Kessler Earns PhD

Drew Kessler Earns PhD
We are pleased to announce that HEI’s senior environmental scientist Drew Kessler has earned his PhD in water resources science with an emphasis on geospatial technologies!

As part of the University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Science Graduate Program, Drew studied under advisor Satish Gupta to research the application of geospatial technologies to water resources research. His doctoral work involved investigating the causes, sources, and management of excess sediment in the Minnesota River with an emphasis on riverbank erosion. His approach strives to clearly communicate complex scientific information to non-technical audiences.

Since joining HEI in early 2014, Drew has been an integral member of the water quality Team, helping to conceptualize the PTMApp and bring the project to reality. He has also helped clients in the agribusiness sector and with projects related to the Governor's new buffer initiative in Minnesota. Drew supports MPCA projects related to TMDLs and WRAPS and has also played notable roles with the development of the Root River One Watershed, One Plan in southeast Minnesota and providing desktop analysis and mapping to help clients target and implement best management practices (BMPs).

All of us at HEI are proud of Drew for achieving this impressive milestone!