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HEI's 2nd Annual United Way Campaign

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HEI's 2nd Annual United Way Campaign

HEI's 2nd Annual United Way Campaign
HEI's Fargo office held its 2nd annual United Way of Cass-Clay Campaign during the month of October to raise funds for the nonprofit organization. Throughout the month, employees participated in several activities to raise donations while having some fun along the way. 

A total of $7,056 was raised this year! 

Many thanks to all our employees who participated and donated towards our fundraising effort! Below is a recap of the events. 

United Way Campaign Cake

Campaign Kick-off Pizza Party

Employees gathered together for a pizza party to kick off the 2016 Campaign. Erik Jones won a $25 Marcus Theatre gift card in a random drawing for turning in his pledge sheet that day!


Themed Lunches: Walking Taco, Grill Out Picnic, and Chili Contest

There were several themed lunches throughout the month that employees could donate a fee to participate in. Employees enjoyed walking tacos, a picnic grill out with hamburgers, and a chili cookoff for a little friendly competition. 

Eight tasty employee-made chili recipes entered the contest, hoping to claim the title of HEI's Best Chili. Congratulations to Heidi Schuer for taking home the prize!

United Way Campaign Chili Contest

Office Olympics

Six teams that comprised of 5-7 employees each worked together to complete a course of seven events in the fastest time. 
  1. Marshmallow Toss (catch a marshmallow in their mouth thrown by team)
  2. Dizzy Mummy (unravel a roll of toilet paper, wrapping it around a spinning teammate)
  3. Cereal Scramble (solve a puzzle made from the front of a cereal box)
  4. Tippy Cup (flip a series of plastic cups over to land upside down) 
  5. Bob for Apples 
  6. Nervous Nelly (shake a pedometer with their hands to reach 200 steps)
  7. Cookie Face (place a cookie on their face and, without using their hands, move it to their mouth)
Congratulations to the winning team of Jerry Bents, Jacob Wognum, Greg Thompson, Dawn Grindahl, and Megan Doyle! 

United Way Campaign Office Olympics Winners

United Way Campaign Bobbing for Apples

Pie a VP

Four Principals–Jerry Bents, Jeff Lansink, Erik Jones, and Jim Schlieman–were included in this year’s Pie a VP. Employees could donate money into the individual’s jars and the person with the lowest amount at the end of the money got a pie in the face.

Congratulations to this year’s “winner,” Jeff Lansink! 


Pumpkin Carving Contest

To close out the campaign, staff enjoyed sandwiches, chips, and cookies for lunch and voted on pumpkins employees carved. There were six pumpkins entered.

Congratulations to Hannah Rollin for her spooky creation voted as the winner! 

United Way Campaign Pumpkin Carving Contest

United Way Campaign Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner