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HEI Gives Back to United Way

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HEI Gives Back to United Way

HEI Gives Back to United Way
HEI held its annual United Way of Cass-Clay Campaign during the month of October to raise funds for the nonprofit organization. Throughout the month, employees participated in several activities to raise donations while having some fun along the way. 

A total of $7,193 was raised this year through the campaign and participant donations. This was a $137 increase from last year! Thanks to all our employees who participated in this fun campaign in giving back to our local communities. 

Campaign Kick-off Pizza Party
Employees gathered together for a pizza party to kick off the 2017 Campaign. Staff watched an inspirational video about a local community member's story of recovery made possible by the nonprofit's support. Then Travis Christopher from United Way spoke about the benefits and services the nonprofit provides in the community. 

Taco in a Bag
Whether you call it walking taco or taco in a bag, it makes for a tasty lunch! Staff paid a $5 donation to participate in this lunch activity. 

Day of Caring
Although this wasn't necessarily part of HEI's fundraising efforts, the annual Day of Caring event is a great community activity held each October throughout the Cass-Clay area. Several staff volunteered their time to help senior residents get their homes ready for the winter season through yard and household chores. 
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During an afternoon break, staff formed teams to test their trivia knowledge using the mobile app, Kahoot. 

On Mondays and Thursdays, the aroma of popcorn fills the Fargo office. Twice a week employees can make free will donations towards the United Way campaign to enjoy the tasty treat or just bask in the free smells. The popcorn machine will be an ongoing fundraiser throughout the year. 

Campaign Closes with Egg Russian Roulette
To close out the campaign, staff enjoyed a friendly competition as two employees tested their luck with a game of Egg Russian Roulette. At the beginning of the month, a selected group of HEI employees had donation boxes setup where staff could place donations. The employees with the most donations at the end of the campaign played Egg Russian Roulette. Unfortunately, the two with the most donations (Zach Herrmann and Dave Kirkpatrick) were conveniently out of the office (coincidence?). Luckily, Kristen Lotvedt and Greg Thompson graciously volunteered so the show would go on.