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HEI Adopts a Highway

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HEI Adopts a Highway

HEI's team cleaned up three miles of ditch along US 83 as part of the NDDOT Adopt-A-Highway program.
On May 4, several HEI employees along with their family (and some furry friends) volunteered to clean up a stretch of highway ditches along US 83 north of Bismarck, ND, through the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s (NDDOT) Adopt-A-Highway program
Volunteers filled 90 bags of garbage along the highway. The team filled 90 garbage bags along the ditches of US 83.

“I know picking up garbage isn’t always a lot of fun, but the results were something to be proud of,” states Brad Pfeifer, who organized HEI’s volunteer team. 

The team filled 90 garbage bags along the three-mile stretch of highway from RP 93.5 to RP 96.5. The NDDOT provided 45 orange bags and after those ran out the team bought 45 more black garbage bags to fill before they completed their cleanup. 
Team hard at work cleaning up the ditches. “The team did an outstanding job, the roadside for those three miles looks great!” states Pfeifer. 

HEI will clean this stretch of highway for the next three years with their next cleanup event scheduled for July. 

Volunteers got their steps in this day!
Volunteers got a good workout in this day. One employee, Travis Johnson, logged 26,651 steps!

HEI cleaned up a stretch of highway along US 83.
HEI's team of volunteers cleaning up the highway.
Volunteers are all smiles!
A cleaned stretch of ditches after a job well done.