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Greg Thompson Recognized on 40 Under 40 List

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Greg Thompson Recognized on 40 Under 40 List

Greg Thompson was named in Prairie Business’ 40 Under 40 list for 2018 in their December issue released yesterday. This list recognizes the northern Plains’ top 40 business professionals from a variety of industries under the age of 40 for their hard work inside the business world as well as in their community. 

One of the most notable moments in Greg’s career is his key role in the F-M Diversion model. During that project, to meet tight deadlines Greg camped out in his living room with a work computer overnight, sleeping in 90-minute bursts and waking up after each model finished to start the next. Also, during the 2009 flood in Fargo, Greg worked with the City Engineer the night before the crest to develop continency plans in case the sandbags (the first line of defense) failed. At 11:00 p.m. that same night, Greg went out to the 4th Street levee to direct and supervise residents to build sandbag levees on top of the permanent levees. This effort was completed mid-morning with news crews on site to document the efforts. Greg logged 36 hours straight on his timesheet in his efforts as a civil engineer to protect Fargo from the flood.

As passionate as Greg is about civil engineering and his career, he also sets aside time to ensure he’s able to give back in non-professional ways and spend time with his family. From leading Boy Scout groups in their volunteer efforts to volunteering himself to help judge a high school robotics competition to serving in many capacities at his local church, Greg has sought ways to help nurture the youth of the community while improving the community itself. As a committed volunteer for the Boy Scouts, STEM/Engineering for Youth, and his church, Greg is sure to serve his community in more ways than just engineering. 

Congratulations for receiving this well-earned honor, Greg! We’re proud to have you part of our team for more than 15 years!