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Dale Carnegie Graduates Spring 2021

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Dale Carnegie Graduates Spring 2021

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HEI has offered our staff training opportunities with Dale Carnegie since 2018, and almost 30 participants have graduated from the program since then. 

Congratulations to recent graduates Naomi Disrud, Jennifer Kern, Nate Renner, and Greg Thompson.  

Dale Carnegie offers several courses that provide self-improvement experiences for professionals. Jennifer, Nate, and Greg completed the Dale Carnegie Course, and Naomi completed Leadership Training for Results. 

Award-Winning Participation

In addition to completing the program, all HEI graduates earned awards!

Naomi Disrud earned the Leadership Storytelling Award on Team Effectiveness.

Jennifer Kern earned four awards:
  • The Breakthrough Award for opening up about a personal experience that was a defining moment.
  • The Human Relations Award for gaining the willing cooperation of others.
  • The Outstanding Performance Award for sharing an experience that was inspiring.
  • The Highest Award of Achievement for (in the opinion of others) best exemplifying the standards, qualities, and principles on which the Dale Carnegie program is based. It’s the most prestigious award in the program.
Nate Renner earned the Human Relations Award for enhancing relationships and motivating others.

Greg Thompson earned three awards:
  • Human Relations Award for gaining the willing cooperation of others.
  • Outstanding Performance Award for presenting an emotional and impactful life-changing incident.
  • Human Relations Champion Award by demonstrating preparation, content, and delivery, and the effective application of assigned Human Relations Principles throughout the class.
Dale Carnegie Awards 2021 Spring
Pictured left to right: Greg Thompson, Jennifer Kern, Nate Renner, and Naomi Disrud. Photos courtesy of Dale Carnegie

Testimonials from the Graduates

“The Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Results course provided a great opportunity to learn more about effective team leadership, to be challenged to grow as an individual and as a leader, and to develop skills that will support an engaged, people-first approach to teamwork. It’s inspiring and confidence-building to take time away from the office to focus on these critical skills, and the best part of all is that these insights can be shared with others, ultimately benefiting each of us in both professional and personal contexts."
– Naomi Disrud

“The Dale Carnegie program was a very beneficial experience. I had the chance to improve communication, leadership skills/confidence, and stress management. All of these have a huge impact on my work at HEI and my quality of life. Interacting with people is something we all do, whether that is talking with clients, coworkers, or contractors. Communicating more effectively helps us have more win-win scenarios. My confidence in decision-making and leadership skills have developed, helping me to take on greater challenges and view them as opportunities. At the start of the program, it became clear that if I could reduce stress, so many other drivers of success would improve. I gave extra focus to this area and continue to see the benefits.”
– Nate Renner.
“When I started the Dale Carnegie Course, I had two main goals: to enhance my leadership/teamwork skills, and to gain self-awareness. Throughout the course, I had to reflect on how I got to where I am, where I want to go, and—most importantly—how I want to get there. I learned important principles that will help guide me in my communications, relationships, and productivity at work. With Dale Carnegie, I was given the chance to practice self-confidence and refocus my personal and professional vision. Moving forward I am more ready for challenges that come my way, and I look for opportunities to improve. I’d like to thank Houston Engineering, Inc. for sponsoring me in this class and for their continued support as I apply what I have learned.”
– Jennifer Kern.
“The Dale Carnegie program has a long history of getting the best out of people. I’ve learned ways to build confidence in myself, enhance communication and relationships, develop leadership skills, and, something that is most applicable right now, manage and reduce stress. The Dale Carnegie Program gave me an opportunity to reset at a time when I needed it most. Continuing to apply the DC principles will help me build the best version of myself going forward.”
– Greg Thompson