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Dale Carnegie Graduates Fall 2021

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Dale Carnegie Graduates Fall 2021

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HEI has offered our staff training opportunities with Dale Carnegie since 2018, and nearly 40 participants have graduated from the program since then.

Congratulations to recent graduates Bjorn Berg, Mike Ferrie, Josh Hengel, Moriya Rufer, and Jun Yang!

Dale Carnegie offers several courses that provide self-improvement experiences for professionals. Mike, Josh, Moriya, and Jun completed the Dale Carnegie Course, and Bjorn completed the High Impact Presentation course.

Learn about the graduates’ experience below.

Graduates from the fall course. Josh Hengel (left), Moriya (middle), and Bjorn (right) pose with their graduation certificates. Photos are courtesy of Dale Carnegie.

Award-Winning Participation

In addition to completing the program, Jun, Mike, and Josh earned the Human Relations Award, which is awarded to recipients who effectively demonstrate the principles of being an effective leader.

Award winners from Dale Carnegie 2021 Fall Grad Class
Jun Yang (left), Mike Ferrie (top right), and Josh Hengel (bottom right) all received the Human Relations Award. 

Testimonials from the Graduates

“The ability to get in front of a group of people and deliver a clear and concise message effectively is a learned skill that takes practice. [The] High Impact Presentation course by Dale Carnegie provided live, in-person coaching to develop and enhance presentation skills. This course taught [me] ways to be more confident while presenting, but more importantly, ways to relay your message to the audience in a way that is meaningful and impactful. By providing valuable feedback, the High Impact Presentation course has provided [me] many new tools for the toolbelt to ensure future presentations are as effective as possible.”
- Bjorn Berg

“The Dale Carnegie Course provide me with some much-needed perspective on how to manage stress, enhance communication, and gain confidence in presenting to my peers. Many of the principles in the course are very simple, but by providing an encouraging and focused environment I was able to see immediate progress toward my goals. I appreciated the opportunity provided to me by HEI, and I look forward to continuing to apply the principles and knowledge I gained at the Dale Carnegie Course.” 
- Mike Ferrie
“The Dale Carnegie Course offered a great opportunity to enhance my communication and leadership skills. Throughout the course, I learned principles that have helped me communicate more effectively and become more self-confident. Continuing to apply the principles learned in this course will help me continue improving both in my professional and personal life going forward.”
- Josh Hengel

“Dale Carnegie gave me the tools and the confidence to become a leader. I’m already putting these tools to practice in my professional and personal relationships and seeing the benefits!”
- Moriya Rufer

“I am always a quiet person and nervous at public speaking. With [the] Dale Carnegie Course, I learned important principles in building self-confidence and developing communication, presentation, and people skills, which opened a number of doors for me to move forward. I realized there are so many areas that I should improve and so many great strategies that I can use to improve. I am looking forward to continue using these principles to improve and enhance [my] relationships with co-workers, clients, family, and friends. I’d like to thank HEI for sponsoring me in this class and for their continued support!”
- Jun Yang