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DJ Retires After 45 Years with HEI

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DJ Retires After 45 Years with HEI

DJ retires after 45 years of service at Houston Engineering, Inc.

It's not often today that you hear employees staying with their company for more than 40 years. At HEI, we're proud to have many loyal and talented employees and last week we got to say goodbye to one that has been with us since the early years.

HEI celebrated Don "DJ" Josund's retirement on December 3rd with a social at the Fargo office. DJ has been a Survey Crew Chief with HEI for the past 45 years and was one of the original employees at HEI with having the employee number 0002 (George Houston being 0001).

Stories of favorite and not-so-favorite past jobs and fun memories were shared during the celebration. As a thank you for DJ's service, HEI gifted him a Goldwing riding jacket so DJ can enjoy his retirement riding the motorcycle he loves.

Congrats DJ and enjoy your golden years! 


DJ with former vice president, Bob Muscha.

DJ accepting his riding jacket from CEO/President Jeff LeDoux. 

Lots of history with this group of seasoned employees at HEI! From left to right: Curt Skarphol, Chuck Rebsch, Lawrence Woodbury, Bob Muscha, Rick St. Germain, Larry Wurgler, DJ, Gail Zehren, Roger Hagen, Jeff LeDoux, and Rick Gunderson.