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Dale Carnegie Graduates Fall 2020

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Dale Carnegie Graduates Fall 2020

HEI has offered our staff training opportunities with Dale Carnegie since 2018, and more than 25 participants have graduated from the program in just a few years. Congratulations to recent graduates Wes Keller, Hannah Rollin, Adam Walker, Brady Wall, and Jacob Wognum!

In addition, several employees were recognized with awards during this program. 
  • Hannah Rollin received a Breakthrough Award for her ability to connect on an emotional level as a leader. Hannah spoke about her mom who has never stopped giving back to her community.
  • Adam Walker and Jacob Wognum both received an Outstanding Performance Award.
  • Adam Walker also received a Human Relations Award.
  • Brady Wall received the Business Application Award.
Dale Carnegie Grads fall 2020
Participants pose proudly with their graduation certificates. Wes Keller virtually attended as shown on the laptop in the front. 

Dale Carnegie Grads fall 2020(Left to right) Brady Wall, Jacob Wognum, and Adam Walker. 

Dale Carnegie Grads fall 2020Hannah Rollin (right) after receiving her Breakthrough Award. 

Testimonials from the Graduates

“The Dale Carnegie program encouraged me to practice and develop my own authentic style of leadership. The program also gave us 30 principles to help reduce worry and stress, which has been tremendously useful this year. I would recommend this program not only to emerging leaders but to people who have been in a leadership position for a while as well. I think everyone has room to grow. As Dale Carnegie said, ‘If you are not in the process of becoming the person you want to be, you are automatically engaged in becoming the person you don’t want to be.’ To get the most out of the program, you have to go in with an open mind and be willing to stretch your comfort zone.” 
– Hannah Rollin
“First, I would like to thank Houston [Engineering] for providing me with the opportunity for personal development and improvement through the Dale Carnegie Program. Overall, it was a great experience. It really pushed me to jump out of my comfort zone every week and implement the concepts and principles we were learning. It helped me gain an outside perspective of myself and helped identify areas for potential growth. I feel more confident in my communication skills as well as my ability to handle challenging or stressful situations going forward. I will continue to use the tools and principles in this course to better myself in the future. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested!” 
– Wes Keller
“The Dale Carnegie class gets you out of your comfort zone and really pushes you. You learn lots of new tools that can be applied right away, both professionally and personally, and you apply and practice them each and every week throughout the class. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone who wants to grow professionally, and I thank Houston Engineering for the opportunity to take the class.” 
– Jacob Wognum
“The Dale Carnegie course greatly expanded my comfort zone, leading to growing my confidence and improving my communication skills. The course stressed the importance of practicing and applying the Dale Carnegie principles, which helped me see a huge difference in my personal and professional life in just two months. I appreciate Houston Engineering for giving me this opportunity; I highly recommend this course to all.” 
–  Brady Wall
“When I started the Dale Carnegie, I thought it was a course to improve one’s public speaking capabilities primarily. While the course did help in the area of public speaking it was far more beneficial. The course pushed you outside your comfort zone and showed how little change in your routine can help in a big way. The course is really good as a whole and the most beneficial parts of the course for me were the leadership skills learned and the tricks to reduce stress. I thank HEI for allowing me to attend this course and recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their communication skills.”
– Adam Walker