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Celebrating EI Awards Turning 25

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Celebrating EI Awards Turning 25

Celebrating EI Awards Turning 25
On May 25th, the Environmental Initiative (EI) Awards celebrated their 25th anniverary honoring innovative projects that have achieved extraordinary environmental results by harnessing the power of partnership. HEI was proud to be a sponsor and our very own Larry Kramka presented the award for the natural resources category. 

Along with revealing and congratulating this years' winners, guests enjoyed a walk down memory lane learning about the EI award's history and also played a fun heads or tails game where participants helped raise money for a chance to win $500. 

LarryPresentsNatcropped.jpgLarry Kramka presenting the award for the natural resources category. 

Selfie.jpgHEI employees and guests taking a selfie.

The EI Awards wasn't the only anniversary being celebrated. Executive Director Mike Harley celebrated 20 years of leading the EI organization in honoring projects that have promoted collaboration in protecting Minnesota's natural resources. 

We toast to you, Environmental Initiative Awards, for encouraging partnerships across Minnesota to work towards a common goal of protecting this great state's environment for the past 25 years and many more to come. HEI is proud to be part of this great community event each year and we look forward to next year's celebration.


Toast to EI Awards