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Brien Joins HEI

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Brien Joins HEI

Headshot of Doc Brien
Serving our clients from the Belcourt area in North Dakota, Doc Brien joins HEI as the Director of Tribal Affairs. In addition to supporting HEI's services to the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, Doc is actively leading relationship-building initiatives with multiple reservations and Tribal colleges in the four-state region.

Doc is a University of North Dakota alumnus with more than 35 years of experience working within university academic settings, tribal government environments, and stewardship and philanthropic efforts supporting the betterment of Native American peoples and communities. This extensive background enables Doc to clearly communicate the need for planned infrastructure development, identify opportunities for maximizing project funding, and provide cultural guidance throughout the planning, design, and construction process.  

Fun Facts

  • One of Doc's seven children, Gabe, also works for HEI in our Minot office. 
  • Top Destination on Bucket List: France (he has relatives there) and the French Riviera. 
  • For the past 10 years, Doc has been managing a low-powered community radio station called "Two Hearts Radio." 
  • Best Advice: Philosophical statements from my dad are what have stuck with me, such as, "If you think wrongly, you'll act wrongly" or "If it's not in the intellect, it's not in the will." 

In the News

St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation in Minot, ND, announced the election of officers and new board members. Several new board members were appointed, including HEI's David “Doc” Brien.

Foundation President, Shelly Weppler, announced, “It is an honor to welcome these thoughtful and talented individuals to our board.” Learn more in this article.