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Nemadji River One Watershed, One Plan

Skunk Creek Watershed - Nemadji River 1W1P
Nemadji River One Watershed, One Plan

Location:  Carlton County, Minnesota
Client:  Carlton County Soil and Water Conservation District


The Nemadji River Watershed drains about 277,400 acres (433-square-miles) of land in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Just south of Duluth, MN, this watershed contains many streams and creeks that are connected to the Nemadji River and drain into Superior Bay on Lake Superior. The Carlton Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) along with Carlton County, Pine County, and Pine SWCD, partnered to develop the Nemadji River One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P). The Partners hired HEI to lead the facilitation of this comprehensive watershed management plan. The Carlton SWCD is leading the plan writing effort with formatting and technical support from HEI.
Moriya Rufer facilitating a public meetingNemadji River Bus Tour for the Nemadji River 1W1P outreach efforts

The Project

Our team is guiding and participating in 10 in-person planning meetings and 10 conference calls to ensure the final product is technically sound and supported by all participants. 
Because the Carlton SWCD is the Lead Writer in this planning effort, HEI supports the organization with limited services, including:
  • plan formatting and styling,
  • plan writing,
  • geographic information system (GIS) services, and
  • final plan approval.
The Nemadji River 1W1P is in the drafting stage of its development. The planning partners are aiming to have the final plan written and ready for Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) review by August 2021.

Client Benefits

  • Coordination with and input from numerous stakeholders, including the public.
  • Public kick-off meeting facilitation to understand what issues are most pressing for the community.
  • Writing support as needed by the planning partners