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Mobile LiDAR Data Acquisition on Interstate 94

Image showing the LiDAR data collected on Interstate 94
Mobile LiDAR Data Acquisition on Interstate 94

Location:  West Fargo and Fargo, North Dakota
Client:  North Dakota Department of Transportation


Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) was retained by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) to complete mobile LiDAR data acquisition for approximately 8 miles of I-94 through the cities of West Fargo and Fargo. 

The Project

HEI was responsible for placing primary and secondary control throughout the project corridor.
Primary control points were set near the right-of-way to avoid disturbances. Secondary control points, used to densify project control from the primary control points, were set every 0.25 miles. These were established using RTK GPS and Total Station methods.

In addition, ground truthing was completed by HEI’s survey crews, who collected data every 100 feet. With all the data collected, the project team performed feature extraction using TopoDOT. The team also performed CAD editing.

As necessary, HEI’s survey crews provided supplemental traditional survey when LiDAR was not able to provide the necessary data. 
GIF animation showing the feature extraction progress from start to finish.
This animation shows the featured extraction progress. The first sequence shows the immense amount of mobile LiDAR data originally collected. As these animations progress, the point cloud data is being scaled down to the featured extraction to a useable file size for AutoCAD software systems. 

Client Benefits

  • Local survey crews provided supplemental survey, ground truthing, and LiDAR controls for 8 miles of I-94.
  • The team of HEI and SkySkopes have completed several of these types of projects together, resulting in a smooth and efficient process for the NDDOT.