Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program Assessment Tool
Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program Assessment Tool

Location:  Statewide Minnesota
Client:  Minnesota Department of Agriculture


In 2014, HEI began a project with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) to convert a Microsoft Access database to a web application. The Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) assessment tool is used by a variety of stakeholders—from agricultural producers to conservation groups—to certify and classify the water quality index for runoff water from agricultural fields. This information is vital to improve water quality standards within the state. 

The Project

HEI began the project by leading a detailed project definition phase to clearly define all of MDA’s needs and goal outcomes for the project. Because the web application will be used by a variety of stakeholders, MDA wanted a simple tool that could be accessible to all users. HEI documented each process and user task to better define the tool requirements.

HEI then developed detailed wireframes to show how different elements of the application relate to each other. This helped MDA visualize what the final product would look like. 

Programmed features include:
  • Web-based database application compatible with all internet browsers
  • Data entry screens to store 17 parameters in five categories.
  • Integrated calculators, instructions, worksheets, web links, and notes
  • Certification record screen with the option to export to PDF for printing and saving
  • Option to import user-saved files
  • Options for administrators to log in and change back-end tables
  • Responsive design allows for use on mobile devices
The assessment tool will greatly simplify the certification process and can be accessed here.