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Leachate Pumping System for Landfill

Image representing the Leachate Pumping System for Landfill Project
Leachate Pumping System for Landfill

Location:  Belize City, Belize
Client:  PASA


Because of the climate, infrastructure, and regulatory conditions, landfills in Belize experience challenges with controlling leachate.

The Project

PASA acquired HEI to design leachate management pumping systems for the first lined landfill facility in the country, which was to be located in Belize City, Belize.

HEI’s tasks included a Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance (HELP) model analysis to determine leachate generation and site layout of leachate management system components.  

HEI went so far as to help the client construct the new pumping system. We coordinated with leachate pump supplier to size the leachate management pumping system to operate using generator power. Completed on-site installation of pumping systems to accommodate Phase I construction.

HEI completed a conceptual design of a three-stage pond to treat generated from on-site sources.

Client Benefits

  • Series of consulting planning services will help the landfill better prepare for operation in future years.
  • Clear and consistent guidance on technical analysis and construction projects.
  • Clear communication and reliable recommendations.