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F-M Ambulance Service GIS Support

F-M Ambulance Service GIS Support
F-M Ambulance Service GIS Support

Location:  Cass County and Clay County
Client:  F-M Ambulance Service, Inc.


Since early 2020, the F-M Ambulance Service hired HEI to provide their greater service area with monthly updates to their geographic addressing and street/navigation data. 

It is incredibly important that ambulances can get to their destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible, and it means a lot to our team to help make sure that happens! 

The Project

Our GIS team processes and provides updated data that isn’t readily available with something general users may be more familiar with, like Google Maps or Apple Maps. The ambulances need information like the time it takes to route through individual streets, the street length, range of address codes, one-way status, and more.

The basic process involves acquiring updated data from city or county resources, filtering and editing the data to include new addresses, changes to routes and roads, and calculating and formatting to match the input required for the ambulance routing software. 

Ambulances are something that we all depend on to be as reliable as possible, and during a public health crisis like COVID-19, they are needed now more than ever. Our team is honored and proud to have this opportunity to serve our community through this effort, it a favorite ongoing project among the staff that supports it