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Family Fare Supermarket

Family Fare Supermarket
Family Fare Supermarket

Location:  Dickinson, ND
Client:  SpartanNash


With a massive population influx occurring in western North Dakota, SpartanNash saw the need for an additional supermarket to serve Dickinson and the surrounding area. SpartanNash hired HEI as civil engineer and surveyor for its new Dickinson location.

The Project

The parking lot design—including traffic flow and durability—is a major component for this project. Bearing in mind regular semi deliveries arriving at the rather narrow back portion of the building, HEI designed a 120-foot-wide turnabout for the trucks, allowing them to easily dock, reposition, and exit the area. The rest of the lot’s traffic flow must incorporate not only room for semis but also a pharmacy drive-thru and a convenience store complete with gas pumps, a canopy, and underground fuel tanks. In order to preserve vegetation and landscaping work throughout portions of the lot, HEI designed an irrigation system that will keep necessary sections of the lot hydrated.

The site’s stormwater management plan includes multiple subwatersheds ranging in size from 0.2 acre to 1.2 acres. One portion of the plan will involve grading the parking lot downward toward the center near the cart corrals where storm sewer inlets will be placed. 

The storm sewers themselves—as well as sanitary sewers, water mains, and culverts—were all designed by HEI.
For the construction itself, HEI has completed an erosion control plan and a traffic control plan and staked the construction site.

HEI provided preliminary and final site plans and specs which included lighting plans; layout and size of sewers, water mains, and culverts; parking lot layout and design; underground utilities; and topographic data.

HEI also completed an erosion control plan and a traffic control plan and staked the construction site.

Client Benefits

  • Parking lot’s traffic flow design includes a 120-foot semi turnabout and allows for a pharmacy drive-thru and convenience store.
  • SpartanNash received work in two locations nearly identical in design and identity thanks to retaining HEI for both projects.