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2020 RRBC Land and Water International Summit Conference

2020 RRBC Land and Water International Summit Conference

Start Date: Jan 14 2020

End Date: Jan 16 2020

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Join us at the 37th Annual Red River Basin Land and Water International Summit Conference held in Fargo, ND. HEI is proud to sponsor this three-day event that brings together powerful speakers to discuss water management and water protection in the Red River Basin. 

Learn about our latest projects and water management solutions when you visit our booth and listen to our presentations below. View the Red River Basin Commission's (RRBC) website for more details.

Our team of water resources experts and scientists looks forward to seeing you there! 


Wednesday, January 15
Natural Resource Enhancements in Flood Damage Reduction Projects: Providing Multiple Benefits
Presented by Erik Jones

Wednesday, January 15
Models, Models, Models Equals Money, Money, Money: Why, when, where and what type is really needed?
Presented by Jerry Bents

Thursday, January 16
One Watershed One Plan in the Red River Basin: Incorporating basin-wide goals and local priorities
Presented by Moriya Rufer

Success Stories

A success story is a project or program that has contributed to any of the 13 Natural Resources Framework Plan (NRFP) goals. These goals were developed by the RRBC in 2006 through extensive basin-wide dialogue and consultation with citizens, land users, organizations, and governments.

Below are the success stories of our client projects that our team helped submit this year; we're proud to serve them and the Red River Basin working together to achieve the NRFP goals. 
  1. Establishment of Walsh County Drain 30-2
  2. 2nd Street/Downtown In-Town-Levees and 2nd Street South and Main Avenue Flood Mitigation
  3. Creating a River Management Roadmap for a Major Watershed
  4. Clay-Wilkin Judicial Ditch No. 1 Improvement
  5. Copperfield Court/Oakcreek Flood Risk Management Project Phase 3
  6. Fish Lake Dam Rock Arch Rapids
  7. City of Halstad Flood Control Levee Improvement Project – Phase 1A/1B
  8. Drain 27: Prairie Rose Area Flood Risk Management
  9. Drain No. 7 System Improvements
  10. South Branch Buffalo River Restoration – Phase 1
  11. Whiskey Creek Enhancement
  12. Wilkin-Otter Tail Judicial Ditch No. 2 Outlet Erosion Control
  13. Wolverton Creek Restoration and Sediment Reduction Project