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Edgewood Estates Residential Development

Edgewood Estates Residential Development
Edgewood Estates Residential Development

Location:  Fargo, ND
Client:  Comstock Land Company


Edgewood Estates is a new residential development currently being constructed in the northeast corner of Fargo, just south of the Edgewood Golf Course. It stretches from Golf Road to 35th Avenue North.

The Project

HEI was retained to complete municipal and site development for the new residential site that will host more than 50 lots. In order to service the new homes, designs were completed for new water mains, storm and sanitary sewer, a gatewell structure, a lift station, street lighting, and various utility service connections. HEI also designed streets with curb and gutter as well as ADA-compliant ramps and also completed erosion control.

The site previously hosted a large existing structure with paved roadways which was demolished and removed as part of the project. Because the area already hosts a dense residential population and borders a popular golf course, traffic control had to be carefully studied. The site will also host a new recreational bike path.

The Red River borders Edgewood Estates to the east, which meant that flood control is also playing a role in the development. HEI designed a 2,100-foot levee as part of the project to protect the new development. Additional services performed by HEI included surveying, construction observation and administration, and platting.

Client Benefits

  • New residential development with more than 50 lots.
  • A 2,100-foot levee to protect new development from adjacent Red River.
  • Recreational bike path along the new development.