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Comprehensive Flood Mitigation Improvements

Comprehensive Flood Mitigation Improvements

Location:  Moorhead, Minnesota
Client:  City of Moorhead

For decades, the City of Moorhead has maintained a highly detailed emergency flood operations plan, which includes actions required to activate flood mitigation infrastructure and emergency measures. However, the increasing frequency and severity of floods made clear the need for a more comprehensive flood mitigation program.

A Permanent Solution to Recurring Floods

In 2009 alone, the City of Moorhead's emergency flood fighting efforts included:
  • 9 miles of sandbag levees,
  • 9 miles of clay levees, and
  • 61 emergency auxiliary pumps.
These emergency efforts were sufficient to carry the City through that year's flood event, but construction emergency protections was not a reliable long-term solution for the City and its residents and businesses. The City crafted a comprehensive flood mitigation strategy aimed at reducing flood risks, and the first phases were initiated immediately following the 2009 flood crest. The project was developed incrementally and received modifications and expansions over several years.

The Statistics

Approximately $105 million in funding was acquired to construct comprehensive flood protection throughout Moorhead. Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) assisted with City with design and other services for more than 50% of all permanent flood control work undertaken as part of this effort.