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City of Minneapolis CCTV Integration

Minneapolis CCTV Integration
City of Minneapolis CCTV Integration

Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Client:  City of Minneapolis


The City of Minneapolis Surface Water and Sewers Division contracted with HEI to perform a variety of geographic information system (GIS) and programming services. One project was implementing their closed-circuit television (CCTV) system throughout their sewers.

Cities use CCTV to find problems with underground pipes and assess their condition. For CCTV, a camera is attached to a cable that is run through the pipe. The operator watches the feed on a TV and reports any issues along the pipe. Issues include holes, cracks, or debris.

The City of Minneapolis wanted to use this information to prioritize where to do maintenance. In addition, they wanted the capability to store some of this inspection information in their GIS database for future planning.

The Project

HEI facilitated meetings with City staff to document workflows and identify improvements for extracting data from the CUES GraniteXP database to flow into the City's central enterprise GIS database. 

HEI also assisted the City in making the necessary GIS geodatabase schemas and GraniteXP profile changes to allow data to move from a staging GIS database to the enterprise GIS database.

On the programming/development side, HEI created a python script for the City to extract important televising and inspection data from GraniteXP and output it as feature classes in a geodatabase to use during decision-making and planning. 

This allowed the City to create a GIS viewer and maps to visualize the condition of pipes throughout the city and prioritize the pipe maintenance and capital improvement project needs. 

Client Benefits

  • Improved workflow between CUES GraniteXP database and the City’s own central enterprise GIS database.
  • Improved data access to pipe conditions for future maintenance and capital improvement project needs.