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City of Eagan Water Reuse Targeting

City of Eagan Water Reuse Targeting
City of Eagan Water Reuse Targeting

Location:  Eagan, Minnesota
Client:  City of Eagan


In early 2017, the City of Eagan sought to initiate a stormwater reuse irrigation project to reduce consumption of potable water and improve the water quality of stormwater runoff before it is discharged downstream. The City hired HEI to move this project forward.

The Project

For this project, HEI initiated a stormwater reuse irrigation feasibility and targeting analysis to target and prioritize feasible locations for stormwater reuse irrigation projects. 

Our team began by collecting and reviewing all available data provided by the City. With this data in hand, our team applied an assessment methodology that we developed to identify technically feasible locations. Then our experts ranked these locations to identify the most promising reuse project sites for improving water quality. 
Our team applied the water reuse targeting assessment methodology to identify and prioritize the top 10 potential locations. These locations were determined as the most likely to satisfy the City’s goals and were included in a memorandum delivered to the City.

Client Benefits

  • Identified ten potential water reuse projects for meeting the City’s goals.
  • Prioritized and ranked projects to guide decision-makers on which projects to pursue.
  • Provided cost estimates for potential projects to help inform implementation.