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Census 2020 County Address Compilation

Map view representing census calculation
Census 2020 County Address Compilation

Location:  Statewide, North Dakota
Client:  North Dakota Department of Commerce


Most people know that the census helps gather accurate data about population distributions as well as demographics and other details. What some people don’t know, however, is how that data is used at the federal level.

Census counts greatly influence funding amounts that are committed to each state to ensure all populations are treated fairly in the distribution of public goods and services. According to census officials, missing one resident on the census results in a loss of approximately $19,100 in various forms of federal funding over 10 years; a missed household is approximately $44,312. If just 0.1% of North Dakota’s population was missed, that would mean $15 million in funds that can never be accessed. In addition, the census determines the number of representatives at both the state and federal levels.

Census 2020 stats from ND Dept of Commerce
Courtesy: North Dakota Department of Commerce

To improve the likelihood that accurate data will be gathered during the 2020 census, the North Dakota Department of Commerce retained HEI to assist with certain preparations. Counties and cities were asked to provide updated address data information prior to the census fieldwork; however, not all counties and cities had the resources to perform these updates. HEI was asked to provide a statewide address database to supplement what the cities and counties had submitted.

The Project

The HEI team compared parcel information against 911 addressing data to provide updated residential addresses. This new data will provide the statistical building blocks.

HEI used the 911 address database in conjunction with the parcel data to isolate residential address information. Apartments and multi-family dwellings needed to be further developed into full unit addresses. The team was able to further validate the information with the DMV registration database as well as local and countywide data sets.

As a result of HEI’s strong efforts in identifying structures by type, the state of North Dakota received substantial increases in federal funding according to Kevin Iverson, Department of Commerce.  

Client Benefits

  • Improved and more accurate data set representing the location of residences to be counted during the 2020 census.

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