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Employee Testimonials

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Employee Testimonials
Employee testimonials
"I've always found our team to be very approachable at all levels of the company.  From newer team members to corporate leadership. This has provided me with a work environment where I'm able to bring ideas I'm passionate about forward and find ways to put them to work for my own career development, as well as for solving problems for our clients." 
- Drew K.

"[Working at HEI] allows me to build America! I love driving by all the various projects that I have completed in the past and believe I helped make that happen."
- Stan H.

"The 401k package is second to none and easy to overlook."
- Alex S.

"You can decide your schedule. The system here is very flexible, and can adapt to your preferences."
- Dan H.

"The people here at HEI are the biggest thing that makes working here the most enjoyable. Everyone is so welcoming and nice, not to mention fun!"
- Jakob E.

"Houston embraces a culture of mentoring plus individual autonomy. Having the opportunity to explore design options on your own and then reviewing the results with a mentor builds confidence and personal growth. You can try new and innovative things knowing that a seasoned professional will help fine-tune your recommended design solution."
- Rick G.

"I have never worked anywhere with such a collaborative, innovative, and light-hearted working environment. It's really a unique and special place to work, and that's all thanks to the people who work here."
- Scott K.

"I like working for a company that has a long-standing reputation for being a stable and growing company. That doesn't always happen in every company."
- Michael C.

"The work is challenging which gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pride when we complete a project. Supervisors help to support and promote your career development. The teamwork among staff and the focused mentoring of staff make my employment enjoyable."
- Erik J.

"Senior staff have actively encouraged me to take on a variety of projects and technical challenges. I've also had regular constructive discussions on past and active project successes, lessons learned, and next steps."
- Paul S