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Burlington Strategic Plan

This photo shows the entrance to Burlington, a city for which HEI completed a strategic plan
Burlington Strategic Plan

Location:  Burlington, North Dakota
Client:  City of Burlington


The City of Burlington required a strategic development plan that would help guide the City’s future growth. The City has experienced periods of significant growth several times, and it is currently in a period of expansion.

However, the City also experienced a great hardship during the 2011 flood, as it is bordered by both the Des Lacs and Souris rivers. The strategic plan attempts to provide the City with guidance for the future while accounting for these details and much more.

The Project

The strategic plan will provide the City of Burlington with resources to address both challenges and opportunities in the future. Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) gathered historical data pertaining to the City of Burlington. HEI also performed an analysis of land use and the local economy and workforce.

HEI met with several members of the community, gathering anecdotal and personal insights into Burlington’s strengths and needs. These interviews helped create a clear picture of what made Burlington unique compared to the region and cities surrounding it.

With all this information in hand, HEI began to look at Burlington’s future. This meant analyzing future land use areas, development areas, cluster developments, and recruitment capabilities. HEI used these analyses and the historical data to create a prioritized list of goals and objectives. HEI also created an implementation plan that would help the City take these goals from ideas to reality.

The final report utilized GIS, CAD, and custom illustrations to help make the data more accessible to those reading and using the plan.