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Blue Earth County Restorable Wetlands Viewer

Blue Earth County Restorable Wetlands Viewer
Blue Earth County Restorable Wetlands Viewer

Location:  Blue Earth County, Minnesota
Client:  Blue Earth County


In 2015, Blue Earth County hired HEI to develop a map viewer of the restorable wetlands within the County. This viewer would be made public to allow anyone to view different areas of interest and restorable wetland criteria in support of a wetland management plan.

The Project

To begin this project, HEI conducted a conference call with County staff to review the data needed for each application. HEI then worked with the County to publish the necessary geographic information system (GIS) layers on their GIS server. 

Our team used Esri’s Web AppBuilder (WAB) to develop this GIS viewer application. It includes a custom widget to select areas of interest and ranking criteria, along with standard widgets. When a user selects one of these custom widgets, the map zooms into the area of interest. The user then selects a criteria and the map changes the layer to display that set of ranked depressions. Users can navigate the map themselves, print the map, and use more GIS functionality.

Once the application was developed, HEI worked with the County to install it on a County web server. HEI then trained County IT staff on maintaining the GIS Viewer into the future. 

Client Benefits

  • Custom widgets for users to view areas of interest and unique criteria.
  • WAB development and training.
  • Accessible application that virtually any user can navigate.