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ACD 53-62 Branch 2 Repair Memorandum

ACD 53-62 Branch 2 Repair Memorandum
ACD 53-62 Branch 2 Repair Memorandum

Location:  Anoka County, MN
Client:  Rice Creek Watershed District


The Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) had received complaints regarding the condition and function of the Anoka County Ditch (ACD) 53-62 Branch 2. 

While the RCWD wanted to address the concerns surrounding the public drainage system, the District first needed to gain an understanding of the current condition of the drainage system as well as the cost of completing repairs and the associated permits that would be required. The RCWD retained HEI to oversee these efforts. 

The Project

Public drainage systems often cover long distances and can be difficult to navigate. This can make it difficult to document the condition of the entire system, including information about beaver dams, vegetative or sedimentation blockages, water pooling, accessibility for future maintenance, and the presence of flow in the open channel.

As such, HEI and its subconsultant collected aerial photographs and video of the corridor using a drone. The gathered videos show locations where water is flowing or stagnant, giving an even better understanding of the issues the system deficiencies.

The photographs and video collected by the drone formed the centerpiece of a public information meeting that explained why the public drainage system is in need of repair, and how the site characteristics affect the scope of work and cost. 

Client Benefits

  • Drone-gathered photos and videos provide a view of the public drainage system in locations with difficult accessibility.
  • The District was able to graphically illustrate the limitations of the current system and challenges in repair the system to the public.