Services: Survey, Municipal, Site Development

    Company Founded Office No. 1

    by George Houston in north Fargo, ND, providing surveying, municipal, and site development engineering services.


    New Services: Water Resources, Water Supply, and Watershed Management

    Corporation Formed

    Company forms as a corporation, Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI), with leadership as follows (and pictured left to right): George Houston, President; Henry “Hank” Trangsrud, Vice President and Secretary; and Robert “Bob” Muscha, Vice President and Treasurer. With the addition of Hank and Bob, HEI adds water resources, water supply, and watershed services to their capabilities.


    New Services: Environmental, Transportation, and Structural

    HEI Establishes Presence in Barnesville, MN

    HEI establishes a presence in Barnesville, MN, to better serve the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District and surrounding clients. HEI also expands their capabilities to include environmental, transportation, and structural services.


  4. AutoCAD Introduced

    Gone are the days of hand drafting with the introduction of AutoCAD technology. This tremendously speeds up the time for creating designs.


  5. New President/CEO

    Lawrence Woodbury elected President/CEO. He will serve in that position until 2008.


    New Services: Waste Management and Water Quality

    Maple Grove, MN Office No. 2

    HEI opens an office in Maple Grove, MN, also adding waste management and water quality services in the early 1990s.


    New Services: GIS, Railroad, Custom Programming, Web & Mobile Applications

    New Services Offered

    HEI continues to grow their suite of services to provide a wide range of solutions for their clients, adding GIS, railroad, custom programming, and web and mobile applications.


  8. Bismarck, ND Office No. 3

    HEI opens an office in Bismarck, ND. Photo on left is the original building, photo on right is today’s office.


  9. Founder, George Houston Retires

    After more than 30 years, George Houston retires.


  10. Thief River Falls, MN Office No. 4

    HEI opens an office in Thief River Falls, MN, expanding into northwestern MN.


  11. Minot, ND Office No. 5

    HEI opens an office in Minot, ND. Photo on left is the original building, photo on right is today’s office.


  12. New President/CEO

    Jeff LeDoux becomes President and CEO and the firm celebrates their 40th anniversary.


  13. New Headquarters, New Look

    HEI's Fargo office moves to a new 25,000 square foot location and rebranding itself with a new logo.


  14. Dickinson, ND Office No. 6

    HEI opens an office in Dickinson, ND.


  15. Grand Forks, ND Office No. 7

    HEI opens an office in Grand Forks, ND.


    New Technology: Drones, 3D Scanners, HyDrone RCVs, and Mobile Scanners

    New Technology

    HEI continues to invest in the latest and greatest tools to advance the way we do work. We pass those benefits onto our clients with cutting edge solutions.

    New Technology: Drones, 3D Scanners, HyDrone RCVs, and Mobile Scanners


  17. Offices No. 8 and No. 9

    HEI expands into two new states with offices in West Des Moines, IA and Sioux Falls, SD


  18. 50th Anniversary

    HEI reaches a milestone anniversary celebrating their employees and clients who helped lay the foundation for their success. We look forward to 50 more years!