Drones are more than a fun toy or trendy gift — HEI's staff use these tools in their day-to-day work to capture all sorts of valuable data. Just like an upgrade to your computer helps improve your work performance, drone technology helps our staff capture data more accurately, safely, and efficiently in ways that weren’t really possible until now!

Some examples of how drones can add value:

  • Improve designs with more information, resulting in fewer changes during construction
  • Enhance our survey capabilities with faster and safer data collection
  • Provide visual imagery far beyond Google Earth’s quality and accuracy
  • Better engage the public with 3D models and visualization as well as unique photos and videos
What data can drones capture?

3 Client Advantages of Using Drones

  1. Decision Making: Clients can make better informed and faster project-related decisions thanks to improved quality of design products and visual aids
  2. Public Input/Engagement: With the use of higher quality imagery, videos, and 3D models, it is easier than ever to effectively communicate on project design features and alternatives to a broader audience
  3. Construction: Drones help document site conditions and construction progress more accurately and from a big-picture perspective
Drone Image Quality Comparison

HyDrone RCV

Not all drones fly, despite the image that immediately comes to mind after someone mentions the word. Included in our innovative arsenal of technology is the HyDroneTM RCV, a small, lightweight remote control vehicle (RCV) with two plastic pontoons that provide buoyancy and stability. From the dry shoreline, a surveyor can send the HyDrone into a lake, stream, wetland, or any other body of water to record data that a surveyor would otherwise have to capture manually.

The HyDrone, because of its size, can maneuver far more easily than a boat designed to hold one or two fully grown adults. The HyDrone moves effortlessly through shallow waters or brush filled lagoons and its quick deployability allows our surveyors to complete their work much quicker, getting the information into waiting hands that much faster.


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We have several licensed drone pilots throughout our company to serve your needs. Contact Chad Qualley if you are interested in learning more about our drone capabilities. 
Chad Qualley
Chad Qualley